Students Participate in March Music Madness Event


Georgia Roberts

Abby Self is a sophomore at Slippery Rock High School who participated in the March Music Madness. event.

Georgia Roberts, Staff Writer

The annual March Music Madness event was held at Slippery Rock High School at 7:30PM in the auditorium on March 15th. Mrs. Groves-Edwards organized the event, and performers included students from her Chamber Singers and Concert Choir classes. Two featured soloists from the night included freshman Corrinne Harshberger and sophomore Abby Self.

Freshman Corrinne Harshberger participated in the March Music Madness event.

Harshberger participated in the school’s March Music Madness and said that this was her first time being a part of it. Harshberger chose to perform at March Music Madness because she has been singing and performing outside of school since she was in preschool. She sang ¨Count on Me¨ by Bruno Mars. She chose that song because it is one of her favorite songs. Although she says she wishes she had practiced more before the event, she still enjoyed being there and having fun.

Self was another one of the participants in March Music Madness and it was her first time performing at this event. Self joined because one of her friends told her she should participate. She sang “Location” by Khalid because she liked the way the song sounded on her ukulele. She was not sure about performing at first, but when it was done, she said, “I thought it went better than expected.” Her favorite moment from the event was when her friends started yelling when she stepped on stage.

Many other performances took place throughout the night as well. Sophomore Kendra Shidemantle sang “She Used to Be Mine,” sophomore Vito Pilosi sang “In Case You Didn’t Know,” and Hannah Confer sang “Consequences.” Annika Peale and Emma Magliocca sang a duet together of “I’m Still Standing.” Two siblings, Paityn and Makayla Rieder, sang “Imagine” together. Other performers include sophomore Amiah Darling, Jessica Fischer, Katie Griffith, Caillie Kract, Hannah Confer, Emma McDermott, Madigan Roxberry, Cole Walker, and Brock Rowe. 

The entire concert choir and chamber singers classes also performed at the event. The concert choir sang “How Far I’ll Go” and the chamber singers performed “MLK.” Both groups performed “Waving Through a Window” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” together.