Arming the Security: It’s Time for Some Serious Protection

Safety First High school security officers Sy Giger and Ron Brown keep the high school safe. Tim Wiles is also a security guard, too. One security guard is always at the elementary school, while two are always at the high school. (Walker Vogan)

In the last few months, the push for the arming of the security guards at SRHS finally began to show progress. One of the main reasons for this is that schools are recommended to have armed guards in the case of extreme emergencies and outside threats. According to Sy Gieger, one of the two guards at SRHS, “We are one of, if not the last schools in our district to get armed security and real protection.” This alone is a massive driving factor for the District’s push for armed guards. 

Another reason for the push of armed guards is the guards themselves. Sy feels as though that they would serve the school much better if they were armed. He adds on to this by stating, “God forbid if there were to be an outside threat, the guards are unprotected and are just more victims if they are not armed.” 

With the push for arming the guards rather strong, so strong that the guards have made all of the necessary steps to become armed, Sy says, “we have gotten the proper training and paperwork completed, now the rest is up to the school board.” 

According to Sy, the school board has made its decision and is in the final stages of getting approval for the arming of the guards. Sy especially made it clear that he “doesn’t want the student body to be alarmed” about the new changes. He also made it very clear to point out that all of the guards are smart, well-trained, and have plenty of previous experience. “Every officer has 23, 25, and even 28 years of experience, we are trained, and definitely qualified. There is no threat of incompetence with us,” Sy states. Overall the security guards believe that it is in the best interest of the school the be armed and ready if ever faced with a serious threat.