An Outcome Worth Playing For


Ciana D’Antoni (’24) throws a pitch during a softball game.

Throughout the 2022 softball season, there were many setbacks and complications. The game against Corry on April 5 was one of the best games of the season, leaving both JV and Varsity with the win. Varsity pulled through with a win of 2-0, and JV conquered Corry with 6-2. When asked about how she felt towards the win, Ciana D’Antoni (’24) replied, “It was fun, it was definitely a proud moment for the season.” Not only was that the first win for the varsity team, but it was the first time the team was able to play on their own field this season, due to weather circumstances. 

D’Antoni has had many awesome plays this year while contributing to the wins, one being her home-run during a game at the start of the season. “It was supposed to be a drop curve and it just hung in there and I was like, well, I’ll just go for it, and I just crushed it,” she said. “I came around second and watched it drop like five feet over the fence and I did a little hop thing. My family was there, boyfriend, everyone was there to see it, it was awesome.” D’Antoni definitely got the season started with a play like that, leading to many more efficient plays, including another home-run from both her and Sam Meredith (’22) on April 28. These plays and wins led to an considerable amount of confidence, keeping the girls on their toes even in their most difficult moments.