CAMP Days Come to SRHS


Bradyn Trinkley (’24), Devan Kriess (’24), Phillip Sybert (’24) eat s’mores during CAMP day on April 29 while also completing career-related activities using the Smart Futures software.

This year it has come to all of our attention that club day is no longer just club day. Now it is mixed with career-related activities and is called C.A.M.P/Club day. C.A.M.P stands for college career activity, mentorship, and peer connection. It is scheduled so that every other Friday the students will have either a club day or a C.A.M.P day. 

The career portion of this consists of the students doing something related to the careers that they want and is meant to prepare them for the future. Mr. Miller stated that for the next school year, the school board wants to separate the students based on what field they want to go into. Instead of the students being with their fourth-period teachers, the board wants to bring in speakers to talk about those specific fields. Separating the students into their preferred fields, like health care, legal services, etc., is more beneficial for the students since they will only be learning about the specific fields they are interested in. 

For the club portion of this, there are some new clubs that are available, and there were some clubs taken away since they weren’t as popular. Mr. Miller’s military club wasn’t a big hit, so it got replaced with yard games. Moving the C.A.M.P/Club daytime to the fourth period allows participation time for the Vo-Tech students. 

The sign-up process has also been changed to make it easier and fairer for the students. The second time the students signed up for clubs it was online through a google form that was sent through an email. The upperclassmen got to sign up first since they have been here longer, and have fewer years remaining. When it came time to sign up there was a set amount of spots available, so once a club was filled the option was taken off of the form automatically. This way none of the students got confused as to whether or not the club was still open, making the process smoother.  

The administration hopes that these changes will be beneficial to the students and their future plans and will add some new events to look forward to during the school day.