Winter Fashion!


Grace Bell

Junior Morgan Malinski wearing a pale pink sweater with a classic pair of jeans.

Gracie Bell, Managing Editor

In the year 2017, culture currently has a big influence on fashion. Celebrities post their own fashion on Twitter, and some students cannot wait to make their own version.

According to Vogue, some of the latest fashion trends are lots of denim, knit sweaters, flannels, and nude colors. Students in the Slippery Rock High School have been following these trends as the winter season approaches.

Denim is not only popular in the style of jeans, but it also includes denim jackets and denim patterned shoes. Along with denim, knit sweaters are also popular because they are able to keep people warm while still being a fashionista in the halls. Flannels also play a part in this trend. Living in western Pennsylvania gets pretty chilly, and flannels are a nice accent to any look. Lastly, the final trend in the high school this winter is nude colors. Colors always accent outfits but the color nude has been a new color to experiment with such as nude lip, nude shoes, or even a nude sweater.