Prepping for Prom 2022


A group of juniors and seniors posing for a prom picture.

It has always been a tradition that the junior class officers help plan the prom. So, with the help of junior class advisor Mrs. Vinroe (‘02), they worked together to come up with the Prom theme and plan the event.

Prom King David Magliocca and Queen Jordan Simmons

“The class officers and I plan for Prom by creating a checklist of things to be accomplished,” Mrs. Vinroe states. “We start with the venue, and then work out the smaller details.” 

There is a lot that goes into planning smaller details of Prom, like managing money to help pay for the DJ, venue, food, drinks, and props. Mrs. Vinroe has been helping the junior class officers for the past three years to plan the Proms. Although the small junior class committee plans the Prom with their advisor, the committee still takes into account the wishes of their peers. Mrs. Vinroe explained that the class officers discussed with their classmates what they thought the theme should be this year, and then they voted for the winning theme: Enchanted Garden. 

After deciding the theme, there was a lot that needed to be done to accomplish it. Junior class officer Jaiden Hindman (’23) stated, “We had multiple meetings leading up to [Prom], mainly about getting costs approved for the DJ.” According to Hindman, they also utilized Pinterest boards to come up with ideas for the Enchanted Garden theme. 

The week of the SRHS Prom started out very rainy. As the week went on, the rain started to slow down. Although there were some violent storms earlier on the day of Prom, by the time of Grand March, the rain slowed down enough that everyone could enjoy the night. 

Grand March had been held at the high school for the longest time, but COVID-19 interruptions led to changes for this event in 2020 and 2021. This year saw a return to normalcy when Grand March returned to the high school building, and approximately 165 students participated. One of these students was Anna Fogel (‘22). 

“[Grand March] was a chance for my whole family to see me dressed up, and my parents were so proud hearing my name over the speaker,” Fogel states. She explained that participating in Grand March was a last-minute decision, but she was very glad she went. She was also happy to see her family and take pictures with them. 

After the Grand March, students individually drove from Slippery Rock to Betsy’s Barn at Cheeseman’s Farm in Portersville, PA for the event which could be held without any restrictions, unlike last year’s prom due to the pandemic.

Carlo Tedesco (‘24) stated his favorite food item at prom was “the macaroni and cheese.” 

Samantha Hayes (‘22) explained that she got ready for prom by doing her hair and makeup herself, and she also got her dress from a store in Pittsburgh. 

Although the weather didn’t start off the way that everyone thought it would, they still made the best of it and danced the night away. As Anna Fogel (‘22) sums up, Prom was “definitely one for the history books. There’s nothing like prom.”