Rock Shop Moves to the Library

In the past, many students have wondered if there was a place where they could escape and relax from the stress of school. Fear no more: Slippery Rock’s famous Rocket Shop is a place where students can now get snacks and drinks to relax, or even study in peace.

The Rock shop used to be located in C-11A, but is now found in the library. The purpose of the move was to create a larger gathering place for the students of SRHS, and to allow room for the Rock Shop to grow and thrive.

“Our goal [is to create] a common place for all students to be able to come,” states Mrs. Cole, one of the faculty advisers that has helped create and expand the Rock Shop. “And that’s still our goal. It’s nice to have coffee, but that is our goal.”

The main reason for the Rock Shop is to create a place for all; where all students can come together, have fun, and relax. The Rock Shop move happened for many reasons. The main reason, though, is for the betterment of the student body. The room where the Rock Shop used to be located is now used as an emotional support room for students in need of aid.

The newly re-purposed C-11A is “a space where students can go during the day if they just need a few minutes to decompress thoughts,” states transition coordinator Mrs. Cole. In essence, the old Rock Shop room will be used as a decompress thought room. It’s going to help a lot of students that are going through something, which is a great addition to SRHS.

The staff coordinated with Mrs. Cole to make the decision to do this. The Rock Shop was first located at the indoor concession stand next to the weight room, prior to COVID-19. After it became safe to reopen, the Rock Shop was moved to C11-A and it increased in popularity. The shop now has tables and leisurely areas, as well as more snacks now that there is more space. Not only did the Rock Shop add more snacks, but they’re also very cheap. The Rock Shop has become a welcome addition to the high school that helps students de-stress and overall have a better school experience.