The Hottest Shots at Lunch

Wellness Club Hosts Hot Shot Competition

Hot Shot was a basketball competition that took place during lunch period on October 9 and 12. The game was created by Mrs. Mooney and the Wellness Club. In Hot Shot, students were given a time limit of 30 seconds to make as many baskets as they could.

“The idea is just to give kids an opportunity to move a little bit at lunch, have some fun competition, and maybe have a chance to interact with people that they don’t typically get to interact with,” Mrs. Mooney explains.

The participants for Hot Shot wrote their name down on a ticket and put it in a basket for a random drawing to receive a five dollar Sheetz gift card. There was also another five dollar Sheetz gift card for whoever made the most baskets. There ended up being a four-way tie between Mr. Motta, junior Soroush Mamoozadeh, seniors Ryan Davey and Chad Green, who all made 10 baskets in 30 seconds. The tie was broken by a quarter slide in which Mr. Motta pushed the quarter the farthest and won the gift card.

Mrs. Mooney explained that in the upcoming monthly challenges games such as corn hole, bowling, putt putt, and possibly Can Jam would take place.