Forever In Our Hearts

Parents and Close Family of Lucas Leone Honor His Memory


Lucas Leone’s family and friends honor him at senior night.

On Friday, October 15, the Rockets honored former friend and teammate, Lucas Leone, with a heartfelt tribute on senior night. Leone, an avid football player in elementary and middle school, passed away unexpectedly in 2015 in 6th grade. He would have graduated with the class of 2022, and has left a special place in the hearts of his classmates. “It was really heartwarming because we have all known Lucas since Elementary School,” states Ryan Montgomery (’22), a friend of Lucas. “It was really nice to see his family there representing him.”

The community banded together after the passing of Lucas, and shirts were printed out with Lucas’ racing number and name in his memory. Many students that would have graduated with Lucas have fond memories of him, including Tanner Kennedy (’22). “We went fishing together. That’s probably the best memory I have with him,” states Kennedy. “Every time I catch a fish, I think of him.”