Cross Country Pushes the Hill!


Nolan Holtz

Go For it! Sophomore Garrett Galcik pushes ahead of a rival on the final home meet of the season. Slippery Rock ran against Grove City on September 19th. “I just kept thinking, we’re almost there,” Galcik said. Photo by Nolan Holtz.

Cross country is a sport that takes not only a physical toll on its runners but more so, a mental one. This might make people wonder why one would want to participate in something so draining. Some might join for the athletic gain, some for the satisfaction, but many join to spend a little extra time with friends.

When junior Minamo Manning was asked why he decided to shoot for cross country, he responded with, “I joined because it was sophomore year and Kristian [Sosa] and Clark [Schwarz] said they signed me up and…Mitch [McCleary] talked to me about it and said we just have fun and that I should do it.”  

Cross country isn’t just about running around, it’s a competitive sport that consists of dedicated people. Being prepared for a meet isn’t just about training your body, it also requires the right attitude. When some of the boys from the cross country team were questioned about the hardest part about preparing for a meet, senior Chad Green said, “It’s probably just getting mentally prepared because running is 90% mental.”

The score stands at 1:2 for the team so far but despite the grueling competition the boys seem happy with how this season is proceeding. “I am happy because I feel that we’re working better than we were as a team and we’re moving

Junior Minamo Manning poses on a hot day.

forward,” said sophomore Garrett Galcik.

Along with all the tough training and preparation that it takes to participate in cross country comes hopes and goals for the end of the season. Many members hope to beat their personal best and some just want to get better in general.

When asked about how he wanted to finish this season Manning said, “I just hope to improve running. Just not dead last, that’s my goal.”

Cross Country isn’t just work and no play. There’s plenty of time for the boys to have fun and socialize as heard from Green, “All the guys at cross country are always so welcoming; they make it a lot of fun.” Though there are some harsh, less favorable activities like, “Running in the freezing cold while it’s raining,” as stated by Galcik.

Through all of this the boys continue to persevere. They train and practice everyday no despite the weather. Cross country isn’t for the weak-hearted, but one doesn’t have to be the strongest either, as long as they are willing to improve and try, they’ll make it.