Mr. Basham: High School Superstar


“Good afternoon, superstars,” a phrase normally known at Area Elementary is now heard at the high school. On August 21, Mr. Basham transferred schools. Mrs. Czubiak, our former assistant principal, is now principal at Area Elementary, and Mr. Basham is now our assistant principal.

Mr. Basham does miss a few things about the elementary school, but the transition to the high school has been a good experience for him.

Mr. Basham explains he is having a good year and is ready for more. He says he is happy that he is developing close relationships here not only with staff, but with the students.

“I’m always going to miss the elementary kids,” he says. “I miss my staff. 13 years ago, I developed a lot of good relationships there, but what I like about the high school is that I already know half the kids and I’m renewing some relationships with them and getting to meet some new kids and new staff,” Mr. Basham explains. “It’s a new beginning I’m excited about.”

Mr. Basham thinks it is really different seeing his old kids with the same face in a bigger body.

“I just want my students to be the best they can be each and every day,” Mr. Basham stated.

Mr. Basham has goals for everybody, including “to take everybody to higher levels and make them be the best you can, and help put your mindset in the right place. Because in the end, we are going to do great things together.”

He is also a big Steelers fan. Mr. Basham implied, “I’m always going to be a Steelers fan. I know they are going through a bad time but eventually they will come out on top… I was ingrained by my mother to be such a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and actually encouraged me to like them.”

“I think it’s going to be a great year,” Mr. Basham said.