German Classes Celebrate Oktoberfest

On Friday, October 25, students in German class participated in Oktoberfest which included food, games, and fun activities. The students seemed to enjoy the festivities and found it relaxing having one free period out of the day. The majority of the food was of German origin, including potato soup, potato pancakes, all sorts of delicious cakes.

“Oktoberfest was fun because we got to eat food and the activities were fun,” states Ryan Hinkle.

The students did an activity called Lowenbrau, which is one of six breweries represented in Oktoberfest. It was a stein holding contest, and the students were challenged to stick their arm out and see who can hold the stein the longest. Frau Kramer had been doing this Oktoberfest since 2010 Even the preceding German teacher, Frau Campbell, celebrated Oktoberfest with her students, so it has been a long-standing tradition here at Slippery Rock.

“It was a fun event for me and my students,” states Frau Kramer. “They deserve a day off every once and a while.” It was altogether a fun and festive day in the German room.