4th Annual Dashing Through the Rock 5k Occurs


Kaitie Kocuba

Jenna Heitzenrater, Mr . Christy, and Jada Butler attended the event.

Mackenzie McMillin, Staff Writer

As winter approached and the weather became very cold, messy, and wet well before the snow starts falling, the 4th annual Dashing Through the Rock event took place. The Run for Fun event held with Dashing Through the Rock is a five kilometer run through Slippery Rock in the snow and took place this year on December 9th, at ten o’clock in the morning.

Kaitie Kocuba
Participants at the Dashing Through the Rock gather together after the race.

The cost to just run was ten dollars, but runners could also choose to purchase a t-shirt for an added fund. A free half-mile trot for little kids was also held prior to the main event at nine-thirty. When participants finished the race, they also received a cup of hot chocolate.

Dashing Through the Rock began three years ago when Mrs. Mooney and Mrs. Cole thought it would be fun to run in the snow. The event benefits the Weekend Food Program.

This year, the school hosted a t-shirt contest for the Dashing Through the Rock shirts, and sophomore Mitchell McCleary was the winner this year. The reason it was chosen as the t-shirt was because it was very creative and followed all guidelines. Mrs. Cole said that The Wellness Committee, Mrs. Mooney, Mrs. Cole, Student Council, and FCA are all involved in this event.