Student Profile: Cabot Fowler


Michael Kiefer

Cabot Fowler poses for a portrait

Michael Kiefer, Staff Writer

There are many interesting students in Slippery Rock High School and Cabot Fowler is one of them. Cabot is a 17 year old junior at the Slippery Rock High School. He was born on October 15th and his favorite color is royal blue. Cabot has been playing on the varsity soccer team for 3 years. He plays as a mid-field outsider with the goal of using a combination of offensive and defensive strategies in a soccer game.

One of his other passions is playing music, and he is in several musical groups. He plays in the marching band where he is the drum line section leader. Cabot plays the quints, which is a set of five drums of different tunings. He also plays the drum set in the school’s jazz band. Outside of school, Cabot plays in Nomad, which is an audition-only indoor percussion group that plays across the United States. Nomad has traveled across most of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and parts of Kentucky. He said,” I joined Nomad because I wanted a challenge and I wanted to expand my knowledge.”

After high school, Cabot plans on studying Political Economics, which he describes as “learning about production and business, the relations with law and our government, and how countries money is distributed in the economy.” With this degree Cabot plans to become an economist. He plans on going to Tulane University in New Orleans.