“Read” it Forward: New Library opens in S.R.H.S


Alex Watt

Junior Logan Croll takes advantage of the books in the new free library created by Mrs. Elford.

Alex Watt, Staff Writer

     On October 24th, Mrs. Elford opened up her long-awaited free library. The free library is located in the lower hall way, next to the stage entrance.

     A free library works under the premise of “Have a book, leave a book. Need a book, take a book.”

This being said, the library is looking for donations, Mrs. Elford says, “I will take anywhere from 1 to 1,000,000 books!” She hopes to see day where she does not need to put books into the free library; instead, she would like for it to be completely student-run.  If you have donations, please drop them off with Mrs. Adams in the school library to make Mrs. Elford’s dream of a student-run free library come true!