Slippery Rock’s Got Talent


Strong Start! Junior Kendra Schidemantle performs “This Is Me” from ‘The Greatest Showman’ to kick off this year’s talent show. Photo by Mackenzie McMillin

Slippery Rock High School held its annual talent show in the auditorium on November 16th, 2018. The talent show had acts that ranged from music, dance, comedy, and magic. The show lured quite a crowd to witness what incredible talents Slippery Rock high school students have to offer. The show was presented by Seniors Tyler Hinkle and John Thompson, who actually displayed a little side show talents themselves; such as comedy, ballroom dance, and their ability to eat popcorn on beach chairs.

Lounging Around! Seniors John Thompson and Tyler Hinkle hosted the talent show. Photo by Mackenzie McMillin

The show opened up with an incredible performance by Junior, Kendra Shidemantle, singing “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. Then came Senior, Ashley Rodgers, with a beautiful lyrical dance to “Fall on Me” by Andrea and Matteo Bocelli.

Computer Comedy Junior Jim Brenneman wrote and performed his own comedy routine at the talent show this year. “It was interesting and terrifying to try to do something I’ve never done before,” states Brenneman. Photo by Mackenzie McMillin

Sophomore Jim Brenneman made us laugh with his original comedy sketch followed by Junior, Abby Self, singing “Swim” by Alec Benjamin while playing the ukulele. Performances from Junior, Callie Kracht, brought us the song “Once Upon A December” from Anastasia.

Rock on! “If I mess up everyone is going to heat it,” said sophomore Alex Duffalo. He played “Crazy Train” on his guitar for the talent show. Photo by Mackenzie McMillin

Sophomore, Alex Duffalo, exhilarated us with his performance of “Crazy Train” on guitar.  Then came a powerful performance by senior Kenneth Foran, who sang “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy. The duo of junior Katy McWhorter and senior Jacob Cranmer proceeded to take the stage. They sang their version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley to end out the first half of the show.

Voila! Chris Brunsgaard stunned the crowd with his amazing card tricks at the beginning of act two. Photo by Heston Soursa

After a short intermission, the second half was opened up with Sophomore, Chris Brunsgaard’s supernatural magic performance using only a deck of cards, which left the audience mystified. Freshman, Leah Harris, plays the piano and sings “Inscription of Hope” as a touching tribute to the recent shooting in Pittsburgh. Then Freshman, Jacob Snyder, gave us a deep performance of “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed in his fedora.

Comical Act Freshman Nick Miller brings the house down with his routine! Photo by Heston Soursa

Once again, the audience gets a taste of some more comedy, but this time from Sophomore, Nick Miller, with a sketch by American Comedian Brian Regan, called “Stupid in School,” which made the audience rethink how smart people really are. Junior, Callie Kracht, comes back to sing the fun and catchy “Popular” from the musical Wicked.

Heavy on the Strings “It was an interesting experience and I was sweating like crazy,” said junior Travis Carpenter after performing one of his many songs on his guitar. Photo by Heston Soursa

Junior Travis Carpenter plays the guitar and perfectly captures the raspiness within “You Know You’re Right” by Nirvana. Another magical song from Anastasia, “In My Dreams” is sung by Junior, Katy McWhorter. Junior, Kendra Shidemantle, again wows the audience with an emotional performance of “Burn” from the popular musical Hamilton.

To end the night, a truly incredible performance by Junior, Devin Eakin, dancing to “Toxic” by Britney Spears, completely blows the audience away.

Big Finish Junior Devin Eakin ends the night with an explosive dance routine. Photo by Mackenzie McMillin

For those who came to last year’s talent show, you knew Junior, Devin Eakin, would have something special planned, but this year Devin had planned to make this one bigger and better. When asked what Devin was doing at the talent show, he stated, “I’m dancing. I’m not willing to share. I’m trying to make it a big surprise.” And a big surprise is what we got at this year’s show, with a combination of spins and jump splits.

Make sure to come on down next year for the next set of talent that Slippery Rock will have to offer!