Rocket Media’s Big Break

Jostens Film Crew Features Rocket Media Staff in Promo Video


Mrs. Adams and Emmalee Henthorn use LayoutPro, Jostens’ new yearbook design software. Both were featured in Jostens promo video, sent to all schools who would be using the software the next school year.

On December 11, 2019, Slippery Rock High School’s rocket media staff received an opportunity to be filmed and interviewed for Jostens Yearbook Avenue. These interviews took place in the high school’s very own library. Jostens Yearbook Avenue is a yearbook designing website used to help create the yearbooks for schools each year.

Jostens recently updated its online design system to LayoutPro, and Slippery Rock’s Rocket Media staff was one of the dozens of schools chosen to pilot the new program in the fall of 2019. Out of all the high schools across the country piloting the program, Slippery Rock was selected for the video promo due to their constant feedback about the new program.

The first to be interviewed by the Jostens film crew was Walker Vogan. In the final promo video created by Jostens, he explains his favorite features and how easy the new site software is to use.

“It was different to be on the other side of the interview, where I’m answering the questions instead of asking them,” states Vogan.

The Jostens staff took videos of the students working on yearbook templates and clicking around on their site to better expose their new features. Aislinn Foran, Michaela Meder, Mrs. Adams, and Mrs. Patten were also interviewed in the video.

The final video was sent out to all Jostens customers, and can be viewed on their YouTube page.