Touchdown Teacher Tailgate


Not My Hair – Mr. Elford prepares for the rain with his stylish tin foil hat.

On September 6th, Slippery Rock High School held its first tailgate of the year. The tailgate raised money for the local food pantry, where teachers handed out free hot dogs, chips, and drinks to attending students and veterans.

Many teachers and students showed up from the middle and high school to participate. At the tailgate, there were attractions such as a dunk booth, corn hole, and face painting. The dunk booth seemed to be a hit at the tailgate, with students of all ages participating. Everyone present got the chance to dunk Mr. Basham, Dr. Jefferis, and Mr. Campagna.

Mr. Miller and Mr. Elford were cooking up hot dogs for attendees, while Mr. Motta passed out chips, although quickly cooking hot dogs for rabid students wasn’t Mr. Elford’s only worry. When asked about his handmade tin foil hat, he replied, “It was raining and I didn’t want my hair to get messed up.”

The Slippery Rock faculty hopes to continue holding the teacher tailgate annually so they can help raise money and host a fun social event for students.

An American flag soared above Rocket Stadium at the Veteran’s recognition game on September 6.